"I have been a patient of Dr. Marcela Dominguez for several years. Over the span of that time, and differently from all other healthcare professionals I have seen in the past, Dr. Dominguez took and continues to take, a very proactive approach wherein she focuses on patient history, stresses that may affect one's health, nutrition, supplements, and generally, an overall concern for the patient's well-being. Personally, that approach has benefitted me by helping me understand better those medical issues and the cause and effect relationships that are and should be important to a middle-aged man with three young children and a high-stress job. Understanding the past, diagnosing the present, and anticipating the future, Dr. Dominguez has truly blessed me and my family with her compassionate and professional approach to healthcare. We are truly fortunate to have her as our primary physician."

Donald William Fisher

"Dr. Marcela Dominguez is a special doctor. She has helped me get off prescription medication and has replaced it with healthy eating, exercise, and vitamins. She is a wealth of knowledge and treats each patient with care creating an individualized treatment program for each. I recently referred a good friend to Dr. Dominguez as she was having trouble with her hormones and was experiencing some uncomfortable symptoms. Dr. Dominguez has been treating her for about a month and she is feeling much better. I have complete trust in her and will continue to recommend her."

Kim Forsyth, Agent
State Farm Insurance® Agency Owner

"Dr. Dominguez has been able to identify and correct a number of weaknesses in my immune system that were causing me to have serious bronchial infections every few months. The thoughtful applications of her wellness techniques have enabled me to reverse my health issues. 12 months from starting my wellness program I am a much healthier and active 51-year-old. I have not been sick once during this time. She identified many foods that are unhealthy for my system. I now avoid these foods and I am convinced that my health is better for it. My fitness has improved, my sleep patterns have improved and I have lost weight as a healthy bi-product of this new healthy focus in my life.

My previous 'conventional' doctor merely gave me antibiotics when I became ill. He had no explanation for my sickness nor provided any clues on how to avoid getting sick again. I am thoroughly convinced that the type of medicine Dr. Dominguez practices should be standard care for all of us. 'Conventional' medicine treats the illness. Dr. Dominguez treats the cause. I would recommend that any person healthy or otherwise go through a complete wellness checkup with Dr. Dominguez or someone similar."

Chris Dunk
Business Owner

"I met Dr. Dominguez at a time when traditional medicine was failing to find answers that would help my 14-year-old daughter. We had been to many specialists, but still no answers. I can’t tell you how transformational it was for our family to find hope, support and expertise in the integrative approach that Dr. Dominguez practices. By looking at the underlying causes and not just the symptoms, she was able to put Savanah on a path to restore her health and well-being. After coming back from salmonella, cryptosporidium and celiac disease Savanah is thriving, attending school again and most importantly she is confident in Dr. Dominguez’s medical care and loving support."

Michele Jewett
Health Coach and Mom

"Dr. Marcela Dominguez is one of those doctors that truly cares about her patients well being. A friend once said, "Charmagne if you trust Dr. Dominguez with your life than I will too". Dr. Dominguez has worked with me over the years to get my hormones balanced and didn't give up when I needed her most. If she doesn't have the answer she researches until she finds an answer. I trust her beyond any doctor with my health."

Charmagne Kalter
Photographer and Mom.