I am a 53yr old male. My story started at the end of 2004. I went to see my doctor for flu-like muscle pain and what seemed like depression. I was referred to another doctor. I was told that I had Fibromyalgia and put on depression meds.

As time went on I wasn’t feeling any better even with adjustments to the meds but I thought it was something I just had to live with. Over the next couple of years, things started to get worse. I had been taken blood pressure medication since I was 20yr. old and now my pressure was going up so it was increased, I started retaining fluids (ankles are swollen) water pill increased, and put on cholesterol meds. I was referred to a urologist for problems with bladder control was put on more meds. It seemed every problem made a problem

July 2008

I was now on eleven different medications. My weight went from 210lbs to almost 300lbs. And I could barely make it through a work day. At the end of July my wife drove me to St. Judes Hospital Emergency because when I was lying in bed I was gurgling fluid and felt like I couldn’t get my breath. I was told I had congestive heart failure! I asked if any, or all of these meds had anything to do with this? They were sure it had nothing to do with it. Buy now in the same medical group, I had seen five different doctors (one moved and another one out on leave.) I am now 300lbs, swollen body, and leaky bladder. I can barely get around, missing work, no sex life or any desire and still have the muscle pain! I felt if I continued on this path I wouldn’t live much longer. I went back to the doctor and said I have to try something else. I felt the medications were the problem. That is when I was referred to Dr. Dominguez.

End of July 2008

When I had my appointment with Dr. Dominguez what impressed me is she didn’t make up her mind what my problems were right then. She took the time to explain a plan on how to find out. She went on to say that it will take some time that it doesn’t happen overnight. I went out on medical leave at work on August 1st and started on these supplements that she came up with based on my blood work test.

It is now almost Nov. 2009.

I am happy to say, I went back to work January 2, 2009, I do not take any prescription meds at all Zero! Even my blood pressure meds that I have taken for the last 32yrs! My weight is down to 242.4lbs from 300lbs and still coming off. My libido is back. I’m back working in the yard like I used to (had tomatoes coming out my ears) I still have some muscle pain that moves around my body but I can live with that, exercise helps it. I feel like Dr. Dominguez got my life back for me.

Please feel free to contact me for any questions you may have. I give Dr. Dominguez permission to use any records of mine.

Mr. Danny Iversen