At Complete Care Family Medicine, we focus on the underlying reasons for your symptoms and design a comprehensive, individualized treatment program to restore normal function.

We believe that symptoms help identify bodily systems which may be involved and aid in determining what type of specialty testing is needed to uncover all abnormalities affecting your health and well being. Dr. Dominguez has extensive training and experience in functional medicine, which uses only evidence-based, scientifically proven alternative modalities to heal the body and assist patients in achieving and maintaining optimal health in concert with conventional therapies.


A Unique Concierge Practice

Introducing Concierge Services for patients desiring more in-depth doctor/patient access including email correspondence, designated "immediate appointment" hours, VIP rewards/discount card, and an annual social dinner with Dr. Marcela Dominguez and staff.

Call Complete Care Family Medicine at (949) 273-6663 for more information.