Acute and Chronic Illness Management

The conventional approach to medical care in our country is to see a doctor when we have unwanted symptoms. This doctor will most likely prescribe an FDA-approved medication to temporarily alleviate these symptoms, devoting little or no time to discussing their underlying causes, let alone developing a treatment program to restore a person's normal bodily function. The main reason for this disease-specific, medication-driven care comes from a physician's training to recognize a group of symptoms (diagnosis) instead of understanding why the body behaves abnormally and manifests these unwanted symptoms. In a medical era where patients will wait hours to see their doctor for an average of 7 minutes, how can a doctor even begin to sort through the multiple, complex metabolic processes that cause all of our diseases? And since this country's standard of care model revolves around whether a doctor properly prescribes the correct medication to a patient, physicians are often discouraged to pursue effective, clinically proven alternative methods of healing the body.

Over the years, we have seen what happens when we take prescription medications longer than clinical trials would indicate. Many patients have suffered from severe side effects, including increased mortality. Medications were never intended to be taken as long as we prescribe them, and most clinical studies only review one aspect of a drug's action on the body. An example of this would be statin drugs, which are known to lower cholesterol but have not been evaluated for all other possible metabolic interactions. After seeing so many new medications being pulled off the market (e.g.: Phentolamine, Seldane, Vioxx, Bextra, Baycol, Phenfen, Zelnorm, etc.), research has clearly shown that we need to be more diligent and more comprehensive with our clinical trials before allowing patients to take medications.

At Complete Care Family Medicine, we focus on the underlying reasons for manifesting symptoms and design a comprehensive, individualized treatment program to restore normal function to alleviate symptoms. We believe that symptoms help identify which bodily systems may be involved and what type of specialty testing might be needed to uncover all abnormalities affecting each patient. Dr. Dominguez has many years of extended training in functional medicine, which uses only evidence-based, scientifically proven alternative modalities to heal the body.