Becoming A Patient—OUR PLEDGE, Your Part

The Complete Care Family Medicine approach thrives on a unique partnership between practitioner and patient. That’s what OUR PLEDGE, Your Part is all about.

OUR PLEDGE—our commitment to you as patient—is detailed just below.

YOUR PART—a personal commitment toward health—may be found by clicking the purple box to the right of this screen.

Working together we hope to not only maximize your experience at Complete Care Family Medicine but attain the highest level of health and well being possible on your behalf.

Our Pledge

  • Your care is not defined by insurance coverage but by what your health requires.
  • Personal attention is our mandate. We invest the time needed for face-to-face discussion to ensure we are able to listen and respond effectively. Providers attend to each patient with a comprehensive, customized optimal health program.
  • Your first consultation is structured within a one-hour timeframe but not limited to a specific time period. Depending upon your concerns, visits may require more than one hour.
  • We invest many hours in your case beyond your scheduled appointment—reviewing your history, consulting with other physicians, evaluating lab results etc. for which you are never billed.
  • We are well trained and experienced in using nutritional supplementation and non-traditional therapies to help achieve your total wellness.
  • Our comprehensive approach to your care will include lab testing (performed by you in- home or technicians in outside labs) which is an integral part of the CCFM approach and necessary to create a customized Patient Protocol and a successful outcome on your behalf.
  • As a courtesy our office will do its best to communicate with your insurance provider to determine the specifics of your coverage. Every effort is made to work with your insurance coverage to maximize your benefits.

Please answer the questions on the following form as accurately as possible so that we may be able to most effectively assist you in reaching and maintaining optimum wellness.

After you have scheduled your New Patient appointment, complete this form ONLINE and "Submit" to Mary Ornelas, Patient Liaison, at least forty-eight hours prior to your scheduled appointment time.

The Complete Care Family Medicine approach is based upon a partnership. Your commitment to participating in your healthcare, following prescribed treatments, making and keeping appointments are all essential.

Please click on the attached form, read, sign and bring it with you to your Welcome Appointment.”