Your Part. Our Pledge.

Complete Care Family Medicine thrives on the unique partnership between doctor and patient. We believe your participation in the management of your health is as essential as the role we play as a physician.

In an arena where Western Medicine master the art of prescribing drugs to attempt to eliminate symptoms, Complete Care Family Medicine goes beyond, offering a signature approach that:

  • Ensures underlying causes for poor health and dis-ease are identified
  • Wellness is achieved and symptoms are permanently resolved

Model for Care

Doctors Marcela Dominguez and Cheryl Thomas are extensively trained in alternative medicine including bioidentical hormone replacement, functional medicine, nutrition, and herbal therapy. Combining Western Medicine and Alternative Therapies in a highly customized, complimentary, and integrated protocol. Complete Care Family Medicine provides patients with state-of-the-art care to achieve and maintain a high level of wellness.

We Will Be Saying Goodbye to Dr. Thomas

It is with mixed feelings that Dr. Cheryl Thomas announces her new position as a physician with APLA Health Center in Long Beach, CA with an estimated starting date of July 1, 2019. She will continue providing patient care for those patients that are able and willing to drive to Long Beach. The address of the new facility is 1043 Elm Avenue, Suite 302 on the campus of St. Mary's Hospital and the phone number is 562-247-7740. For those of you that are interested in transferring to the new facility, please provide a flash drive to CCFM in order to obtain a copy of your medical record. Dr. Thomas will no longer provide supplements in the new office, but information about online ordering will be provided. A 25% discount off of the remaining in-stock supplements is currently offered - only on Dr. Thomas' remaining stock.

Dr. Thomas has enjoyed her years working with Complete Care Family Medicine, and her CCFM family and those patients unable to commute to Long Beach will be missed. A new health coaching service is also being offered through her home, but will not be covered by insurance. For more information please contact 949-836-5145 and please leave a return number.

Our Patients Love Us

Here is what our patients are saying about CCFM.

How We Differ

  • We combine traditional with alternative medicine
  • We value and cultivate an authentic relationship with each patient
  • We invest time in your diagnosis and treatment plan
  • We respect and value YOUR time
  • We prescribe unique treatment plans
  • We are available, ongoing, to address your questions and concerns
  • We employ sophisticated, state of-the-art testing to identify the source of the issue
  • Our team specializes in providing a comprehensive menu of services
  • Our approach depends on YOUR participation as patient